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Time was not our friend - we had just 8 weeks to sort the ground floor out sufficiently to relocate our business so a list was made of the work that needed to be done and the order in which to do it.

It ran to 17 pages and 375 things to do to get the place ready for us.  A tall order perhaps, but one that was possible.  Priority was given to strip the place out first, sort out wiring and infrastructure for our business before the niceties of decor and decoration.  The doors would not close as the floor had lifted, but because every board had been nailed in place with no expansion,so they had to be lifted and re-laid.  Once flat, then we could start to do things.

We soon found out that where possible Royal Mail had used textured gloss paint on walls and ceilings or in such vivid colours that it required endless preparation.  Time we simply did not have much.

As the roof leaked, in part had collapsed, gutters blocked and timber frames had rotted, the best thing was to start at the top and work our way down from outside

Scaffolding, roofers, painters, plumbers and electricians were galvanised into action along with members of our staff for internal works.

Iin the course of a few images, I hope you will start to see the work that was required and the attention of detail that we have given to the property, painstakingly diligently and thoroughly.  It is without compromise.